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Sophia Gonzalez

Founder and Owner of Aset Intention Crystalz

Like a tidal wave of destruction my entire existence was swept away; I experienced heartbreak and betrayal like no other. Internally, the person who I always believed myself to be, had vanished forever.

I lived in a VERY dark place. I remember looking in the mirror and hating my reflection. I was overtaken by sadness, depression and anxiety. 

I spent thousands on frivolous items and luxury trips that meant NOTHING because in the end I was still a lost heartbroken soul with no identity. ~ I was just here...

Fast Forwarding, through Self -Love and a continuous commitment to Internal Healing using the abundant healing properties of the earth, I was reborn into my higher self and Aset Intention Crystalz was born. 


My purpose is to share my journey, and guide others to nourish the soul with Self-Love, relinquish ego, look inward, live in your authenticity, set intentions, and experience the power of Internal Healing and self-rediscovery using the abundant healing properties of the earth. 


Feel, Heal, and Grow~


Sophia Gonzalez, Founder and Owner of Aset Intention Crystalz. 

Aset is the ancient Egyptian Goddess of sovereignty, magic and the transformation of the dead. Aset (Greek: Isis) can also be spelled Auwsat or Auset.

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