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Since our first day in business, Aset Intention Crystalz has been offering our customers the best selection of products at unbeatable prices. Our online store has become synonymous with quality and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic merchandise along with unique limited edition and seasonal items that fit any budget. 


Sophia Gonzalez

Founder and Owner of Aset Intention Crystalz

Like a tidal wave of destruction my entire existence was swept away. I experienced heartbreak and betrayal like no other. Internally, the person who I always believed myself to be had vanished forever.

I lived in a VERY dark place. I remember looking in the mirror and hating my reflection, as I was overtaken by anxiety, sadness, and depression. 

I spent thousands on frivolous items and luxury trips that meant NOTHING because in the end I was still a lost heartbroken soul with no identity. ~ I was just here...

Fast Forwarding, through Self -Love and a continuous commitment to Internal Healing using the abundant healing properties of the earth, I was reborn into my higher self and Aset Intention Crystalz was introduced to the world. 


My purpose is to share my journey, and guide others internal healing and self-rediscovery using the elements of the earth as I did when I suffered from deep dark depression. 

~Feel, Heal, and Grow~


Sophia Gonzalez, Founder and Owner of Aset Intention Crystalz. 

Aset is the ancient Egyptian Goddess of sovereignty, magic and the transformation of the dead. Aset (Greek: Isis) can also be spelled Auwsat or Auset.


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Evoke the beauty of internal healing using elements of the earth.


Take the journey! Allow yourself to feel, heal, and grow.        

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